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Our Story

You are now inside The Shell –– an art project by Resonance Collective. This is a collection of a thousand wishes from all over the world, brought together inside a giant, human-sized shell. The shell came to life in Venice in October 2020 and it may return at Burning Man 2022––along with everything that you hear. Record your wish online and join the polyphony of voices seeking to make their dreams come true. The Shell will amplify all of these missives to the universe like the distant sounds of the ocean, broadcasting them for all to hear. The ambient music inside the Shell is made entirely of the human voice, taken from your wishes themselves through the sound synthesis and harmonized together. No artificial sounds are used: your messages are the Shell’s entire aural world

This is inspired by ‘metta’ practice, a loving-kindness meditation of expressing selfless love towards ourselves and the universe. ‘Metta’ is a Pali word for benevolence, friendship, affection, and kindness. In Metta, you repeat kind words for yourself, your family, those with whom you are in conflict or the universe itself.